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Lose Weight Without Hunger Tortured - Kompa

Lose Weight Without Hunger Tortured - Kompa
Anyone who has been on a diet to lose weight is to know it tormented by hunger. Not surprisingly, not everyone can hold undergo weight loss efforts badan.Prinsip diet is simple, reduce calorie intake and increase physical activity. If we discipline to run the weight will come down. However, usually the last sebentar.diet decrease caloric restriction almost always fail. Most people will go back to its original weight, even lebih.Dr.David Ludwig, endocrinologist and professor of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, explains why the phenomenon of the yo-yo dieting can terjadi.Ketika we reduce the calories from the daily diet, the body would fight back. The main one is the onset of hunger. "" The hunger was very strong and fundamental. We can only ignore it for a few days, weeks, or a month, or around this by drinking water and walking. But, hard to ignore hunger forever, "" katanya.Ketika we were starving, the metabolic rate of the body also decreases because the body is save energy. This means, naturally fewer calories burned, so we have to reduce more than diet to lose weight remains stabil.Jika pattern that we are doing quite a long time, the brain will think we are starving. It triggers a biological response that fat cells start storing calories more. And we're trying to reduce body fat. "" In other words, the traditional diet cause us against our body and biological systems. We should work together with the body for weight loss that lasts, "" said the author of Always Hungry? ini.Ludwig explain, rather than limiting this and that, we should be eating the right foods. According to him, healthy fats, such as avocado, olive oil, full-fat dairy, nuts, pure dark chocolate, as well as salad dressing, is a friend of the person being food diet.Selama two weeks, try these foods intake and reducing carbohydrate crushed like wheat, rice, cookies, and other processed snacks. It also includes starchy vegetables like potatoes. "" The hunger usually will subside as the body loses motivation to store fat. We may not all you can eat starchy vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and whole foods, "" ujarnya.Para experts agree that a healthy fat will increase the sense of satisfaction and satiety and reduces hunger. "" These healthy fats make weight loss so comfortable. Replace unhealthy carbohydrates with healthy fats, "" said Dr.Lydia Bazzano professor of nutrition at the University Tulane.Setelah two weeks of the diet, we can go back to eat starchy vegetables and whole Cereal such as oats, quinoa, and so on, in small amounts. a study of people who undergo this diet method showed a decrease in body weight almost a kilogram per week, without tormented hungry or eating restrictions are tight. So weight change, necessarily mean decreased, you may be back to eating processed carbohydrates in small amounts. A diet is not radical or extreme. However, our target to get the weight loss that lasts longer, healthier, and healthy, can tercapai.Bagaimana with sports? Regular physical activity is important for fitness and mental health. But, just exercise without dietary changes would not be able to lose badan.Untuk accelerate weight loss, are advised to exercise a high intensity. Although all kinds of good exercise, but exercise with high itnensitas related to changes in blood sugar that help with weight loss.

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